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01 Sep 15 - 00:57

Two johnsonville Ralph Lauren Sale UK men charged with stealing generator

Two johnsonville Ralph Lauren Womens Dresses men charged with stealing generator Cheap Ralph Lauren

Johnsonville police department arrested captain christopher burch, 23, and captain christopher graham, 26, and charged the two men with possession of stolen goods and giving false information to the law, chief of criminal arrest ron douglas said.The principle said the two men stole the generator from a residence on seabrook avenue near the st.Luke discussion board of florence county.The victim noticed the generator missing and alerted jpd and encompassing pawn shops.Jpd received a tip that the men were trying to sell a generator at a local pawn shop and gave a description of their vehicle.An officer spotted the vehicle in city and made a traffic stop after which douglas said the men gave false statements.A search of your truck revealed the generator to be in the trunk.Soon after, the two men admitted to stealing the generator from the residence making an attempt.The florencia county sheriff's office did not prosecute the men, but jpd moved to charge them for thing of the generator in city limits, we have a zero patience for thefts, douglas documented. "If we search for a theft, we'll prosecute it if we have a suspect, the theft is one in a string of robberies and thefts near the city in recent weeks, douglas known.At least four residences have been broken into near the 5 points area and he advised folks living around there to be looking for suspicious activity.

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